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Heli Shootdown Defence is an interesting mix of combat helicopters, tower defense, and the struggle of fast real-time with other live opponents. The army cannot be stopped from different quality helicopters.

You have been to attack the enemy air force, along with Special Forces experts. You was left alone, and all your friends are killed. There are a lot of sensitive material basis and a lot of people who are infected. You must find your own way through the military security of the wounded, and to protect critical work files.
Soldier! The world is in the brink of war. Awkward situation: It's time to work! Bullets tearing up the sky all you have to take your radar from machine guns and shoot down enemy!
Think you know the shooter? This is a real fight - a blow, and eliminates one. Manage your tasks, use cover, and adjust to the babbling, and your shooting angle. No auto-aim here, pure skill and pure work!

You are provided with some of the most advanced weapons (such as double-barreled machine guns, rocket launchers RPG) in the battlefield.
It is your responsibility to use weapons to kill all of them carefully and helicopters in the desert base, to save our people from prison.
Good luck, and pay attention to them in the fire. Realistic heli shooting power increase.
• Battle other real helicopters and take them down.
• Locate enemy heli through powerful radar system.
• A wide variety of exciting helicopters.
• Rpg rocket launcher can also be bought
• Explore a Virtual World of weapons.
• A friendly plane is always there to help you out in critical situations.
• Beautiful animation and sounds. Everyone will feel more real, and if it happened in real life, right before your eyes!
• Great sound effects

Published Sep 02, 2015
AuthorVector Solutions
Tagsgunship, helicopter


Military_Jeep_Parking_Signed_V1.2.2_VC8_Augest22,2015.apk 25 MB

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